Luxury Penthouse with exceptional design and views, Ref.ID K11761

Manastirski livadi - West, Sofia
Penthouse, with furniture
Price: € 420 000 without VAT

Unique Estates is pleased to present you this one-of-a-kind Penthouse that offers magnificent views of the mountains and the city. Collectible property for connoisseurs.

An enormous 210 sqm terrace that surrounds the entire apartment and offers panoramic views of Vitosha Mountain and the city. The terrace has a special "Volturno" flooring type "anti slip", with underfloor heating, decorated and beautifully lit.
The whole apartment is perfectly finished and furnished to the last detail with the highest quality of furnishing and finishing.

Elegance, aristocracy, luxury, sophistication and uniqueness.
Antique furniture, well-known brands and royal handwriting details that you can appreciate on the spot.

In the property every detail is an art and a guarantee for the class.
A home where you feel special.


Entrance hall, large living room with dining area, corner with Royal Blüthner, bathroom with toilet, 1st bedroom with separate wardrobe, laundry room, bathroom with toilet;

2nd bedroom, large terrace surrounding the whole apartment with panoramic views of Vitosha Mountain and the city, barbecue and massive wrought iron gazebo.


  • D
  • A rare property of such perfection
  • Panoramic views of Vitosha Mountain and the city
  • Perfectly finished and furnished
  • The whole apartment has underfloor heating
  • Two garage cells 40 sq.m.
  • Royal Blthner from Austria
  • Antique, gold, baroque dressing table with Louis XIV style. Silik Company
  • Elevator
  • RefID K11761
  • Manastirski livadi - West, Sofia
  • Penthouse, with furniture
  • State: Excellent
  • Area: 350 sq.m
  • Floor: 5 / 5
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • Еxposure: East, West, South
  • € 420 000 without VAT
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About Region

"Manastirski livadi" is one of the most perspective quarters in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Its greatest priviledge is the fast connections with the center via Bulgaria blvd, as well as the calmness and fresh air of Vitosha Mountain.



"Manastirski livadi - West" is situated in the southern part of Sofia and bordering with Todor Alexandrov Str. in south, with Bratya Bakston Blvd. in east and Okolovrastno shose (the Ring road).


Building and communications

The quarter is built up with single-family houses with private courtyards, new blocks of flats and luxurious housing estates with restricted access. Here are one of the most modern business buildings in the city like "Bellissimo", "Astra" and "Mishel".

The quarter still hasn't well-developed infrastructure, but serious investors, building companies and Sofia Municipality are expected to solve this problem very soon. Most of the buildings and blocks of flats are gasified.

Connections with the center are carried out through the main road - Bulgaria Blvd. and with the eastern and western parts through the Ring road.


education, economy and administration


Near "Manastirski livadi-West" is situated "BILLA" hypermarket (on the crossroad between "Bulgaria" Blvd. and "Todor Kableshkov" Str., as well as "Borovo" Market.

There is a trade center - "Friends" and Boyana Auto - official agent of "Opel" for Bulgaria.

There's the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment "St. Sofia". The first private kindergartens are already built and the nearest school is 5th High School "Ivan Vazov" in Pavlovo



  • Trams No. 7, on "Bulgaria" Blvd.;
  • Trolleybuses No. 2, on "Bratya Bakston" Blvd. and No. 9, on "Stefan Toshev" Str.;
  • Buses No. 63, on "Bulgaria" Blvd. and No. 111, on the Ring road ("Okolovrastno shose")


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