14/12/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

Design with a thirty-year history

A new design dedicated space opened its doors at 17, Sveta Gora Street in Sofia. A natural continuation and a step forward for two companies with a common origin, which went on their own way and today decided to reunite.

In the early 90's Mrs. Mariana Chalakova changed the Bulgarian lighting market by introducing locally the leading lighting manufacturers Zumtobel and Bega, which have always been symbols of uncompromising quality and design.

Started as a design studio for supply of lighting fixtures and systems, later it grew up to a company with a large international portfolio of architectural lighting, quality carpets, textiles, furniture and other interior elements not available on the market at that time. Mariana Chalakova had everything needed to provide a brand-new approach to the local market - innovative and time-saving service all in one-stop shop - from inspiration, to consulting and overall implementation. Thus, City Design Development (CDD) turned to a leading interior consultant and contractor, preferred partner for architects, designers and individuals looking for intelligent solutions and expertise.

Seven years ago, a subsidiary Light Factor was born - a logical continuation for the business of lighting which took its own path. The company offers complete lighting services with the most recent examples - design and implementation of the facade lighting for Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sofia and the renovated Bulgaria Hotel in the city of Burgas.


Light + living

Thirty years of professional experience and expertise in the field of corporate, interior and lighting design now join together at a new location -17, Sveta Gora Street under the motto “light + living”.

The showroom was born by the team's desire to create a unique, elegant and functional space where both companies’ portfolios could be shown and highlighted in the best way. Customers could spend pleasant time, taking their interior decisions easily, navigated trough the portfolio by the team’s experts.

The concept behind the interior of the showroom is simple and functional– changing dynamically like the world around us. The place can be easily transformed for mock-ups - living room, hotel room, manager’s office or whatever is needed, helping the client to make the best choice. As for the lighting of the space, it is designed to demonstrate and perform different kinds of functionality and solutions. I/O Architects, ZOOM Studio, arch. Tatiana Glebova - some of the most famous architects in Bulgaria, they all contributed to the end result.

The showroom could be used for professional meetings with clients, discussions about urban environment, lifestyle and architecture, as well as for trainings of young generation of designers and architects on topics related to lighting, acoustics and furniture. The space is equipped with the latest technologies for presentations and virtual visits; it is available to anyone who is passionate about emotion, vision and delicate detail in our environment and has a desire to live and enjoy a beautiful home.

You will be welcome by the team who is ready to answer your questions and offer specific solutions and ideas. The main goal is to add value to the environment with high level functional and sustainable design.

For more information, visit: www.cdd.bg.