18/11/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

The Life of a Closet and What is the Future of Wardrobes?

Nowadays, technology is here to provide maximum comfort to everyone even when it comes to essential furniture such as the washing machine and dryer. Man lives in a world where the wooden closet is replaced by an AirDresser with artificial intelligence to save time and money. Who would refuse such an offer? And what is an AirDresser? We will find out now.

How much does comfort matter nowadays?

Comfort has always been vital, even when people have lived in tribes or sometimes under the stars. It is one of the main elements in the formula for a successful and happy life. However, over the years, something very interesting has been noticed - although it can be a dream for some, comfortable living is a strong relative concept that changes over time. People change, and with that their needs, too. To the question "What is comfort?" a person can only give an answer for himself, according to his needs, expectations, the environment, and the possibilities. The fact is, however, that practicality and functionality are becoming a bigger and bigger priority than just the beautiful appearance… especially when it comes to home furniture. Why would one choose a beautiful thing when there can be not only beauty but also innovative technologies combined in one? After all, aesthetic things must also serve and create comfort for someone, doesn’t it?

The History of Wardrobes

In the beginning, wardrobes were made as a simple wooden structure, resembling a chest, and for decades they were produced mainly for the needs of the churches until they gradually became a part of the home furniture. The next step in their evolution was related to their size and mobility. People in the 14th century preferred to be able to move wardrobes from one place to another instead of letting it be just a static part of the room. Over time, this furniture has become increasingly important and designers and carpenters have begun to invent different styles and ornaments to make them sophisticated in appearance. Developments in wardrobes over the centuries have been limited mainly to what they look like and what their size is, but not what their optimal functionality would be. And people nowadays deserve much more innovation for having the most comfortable life.

Storing vs Caring

In the 21st century, it sounds a bit mediocre and a real obsolescence to have things in your own home that can only offer style and a beautiful design. There are too many talented people in the world who would be perfectly able to come up with a beautiful design for a piece of furniture. However, how many can create a wardrobe that does not just store clothes, but take care of them? Everyone says that the future lies in technology and then, they immediately associate this with innovation in computers and smartphones. The truth is that the innovation in technology is indeed forthcoming, but part of it is already available in the present and it is quite possible for it to enter your home. Samsung AirDresser is an example of this - a wardrobe that aims to take care of clothes. By storing clothes in this case we do not mean hanging and arranging dresses and suits on hangers in a vertical closet... AirDresser preserves your health, cares for cleanliness and preserves tissues.

The modern closet eliminates bacteria, viruses and allergens by injecting hot steam deep into the fabrics of clothing. Have you seen your grandmother leave a bar of soap in the wardrobe for freshness? With the Samsung AirDresser, this is done through a deodorizing filter. Are you really convinced that soap will help remove odors after smoking or roasting meat? Samsung guarantees that this can and should be a convenience instead of a hope. If until now the clothes only hung on the hangers and caught dust, now with AirDresser we have the opposite effect - the longer they stay, the more the layered dust disappears with the Air Hanger technology.

Thanks to the smart closet, the laundry will be dried in a gentle and delicate way. This, in turn, will provide more free time. How? It's more than easy: fewer folds = less ironing time = more comfort. This is what is called a good investment - it replaces standard washing and drying appliances while saving you time and money. The cleaning process can take place while you sleep, and your clothes can be ready when you wake up. The world works for you, why shouldn’t your wardrobe do the same? Samsung is transforming the way of living and making the only logical solution a reality - to provide a person with even more comfort.

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