02/09/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

4 benefits of laser hair removal with Soprano Titanium

The urban rhythm of life always challenges the balance between time and health and beauty. We present our partners - Amber Beauty Club, which realizes their concept of complete face and body care through a wide range of exclusive services guaranteed by leading specialists and the latest generation of laser technology. And all this served in a stylish and relaxing atmosphere.

The evolution of technology is increasingly imposing modern lasers as the preferred hair removal method. Not only because regular shaving and waxing are old fashioned, but also because they do not destroy hairс. While laser hair removal really removes body hair effectively and long-lasting.

At Amber Beauty Club laser hair removal is entrusted to Soprano Titanium - the fastest and painless method for keeping smooth and beautiful skin in all months of the year. The 3D platform is the 5th generation technology with over 18 million satisfied patients worldwide. It combines the three most effective laser wavelengths in a single applicator for an uncompromising result. It is the winner of the prestigious Oscar in aesthetics Best New Treatment for 2019 on the international platform My Face My Body.

We present you 4 benefits of laser hair removal with Soprano Titanium, through which you will rediscover the pleasure of smooth skin and appreciate the comfort of long-lasting hair removal.

Safely applied to tanned skin

Soprano Titanium is applied 365 days a year and on dark skin without the risk of burns. It is also suitable after prolonged sun exposure. Before starting the course it is mandatory to wait 5 days after the last beach or solarium session.

Softer and smoother skin

Soprano Titanium gives you a new feeling of perfectly smooth and soft to the touch skin. Improves the quality of the skin, smooths it, removes dryness and ingrown hairs. Removes pimples, irritations and even the smallest imperfections.

Long-lasting results

The gentles and painless laser hair removal with a long-lasting effect. Destroys hair for a long time. With each subsequent procedure, the hairs are reduced, and over time they become thinner and lighter. After the full course, 1 procedure once a year is enough to keep your skin smooth.

Good investment

In the long run, laser hair removal is a profitable investment - it saves time, money and efforts. A smart investment with a good return. Because in the busy daily life every minute is valuable and time is money.

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