05/08/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

GENERATION 7000: The new range of Miele Build in appliances - now available in Bulgaria

With its Generation 7000 built-in appliances, Miele is making cooking simpler and more intuitive than ever before: As for example with the first camera able to withstand the intense heat of a pyrolytic oven. And what’s more, a clever guardian watches over cakes as they bake to ensure they never become too dry. The new induction hobs can cater for up to 6 pots and pans placed and moved around anywhere on the ceramic glass screen, dispensing with the need to select or join rings. The new G 7000 dishwashers go about their work almost autonomously as they dispense and start automatically if their owner so wishes. To achieve this, these models are equipped with an automatic dispensing system with a reach of around 20 cycles. This way, they adapt flexibly to everyday needs as regular starts are programmable, but can also be started impromptu from the convenience of a smartphone. The Generation 7000 spans the entire gamut of builtin appliances, including ovens, induction hob units, dishwashers, steam ovens, microwave units, coffee machines and many more. The new products are available in four design lines and three colour schemes. Viewed worldwide, this equates to around 3000 model versions with a whole host of Miele-exclusive innovations.


The new features include an in-oven camera that relays images in HD quality to a smartphone: This allows the current state of food to be assessed and temperatures and degrees of doneness tweaked remotely. Miele is the only manufacturer with a camera compatible with pyrolytic self-cleaning where temperatures can reach 440°C. Practical for all types of food preparation: At the end of a program, the oven door is automatically opened, a cooling fan sets in, reducing the temperature in the oven fast and, if requested, switches to food-warming mode. This prevents residual heat-causing food to overcook. Loaves of bread and succulent roasts come out of the oven done to perfection, even if you forget to take the food out of the oven in time or guests are late arriving.


The large majority of new Miele kitchen appliances is connectivity-enabled using WiFi. Alongside remote controls, the Miele@mobile app gives users access to more than 1200 inspirational recipes. Ingredients can be ordered from a delivery service straight from the app. With RemoteService, future software updates can be downloaded to an appliance for installation with great ease. Previously, this required a service call-out. This is interesting, for example, for applications or services which may be introduced two or three years down the line.

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