09/08/2018 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Joanna Kipcheva - the new member of Unique Estates’ team

We introduce to you Joanna Kipcheva - the new member of Unique Estates’ family. Joanna joins the company's team a month ago as a Sales Associate, in support of Senior Consultant Eva Kostakeva.

She is a student at New Bulgarian University, studying "Advertising". The profession of real estate consultant attracted her with the dynamic daily routine and the ability to communicate with many and interesting people. Positive and ambitious, Joanna is motivated to develop professionally and prove herself as a successful consultant. She is happy about the opportunity to work with Eva Kostakeva and is grateful for her support and warm attitude. Joanna is impressed by the people in the company, the professionalism and dedication of everyone in the team. This further motivates her to develop and build up as a professional in the field. Her free time she likes to spend with her loved ones, read and dance.

Welcome to the team, Joanna!