Doctors Garden, Aristocratic building for sale, Ref.ID K5150

Doktorski pametnik, Sofia,
House, Unfurnished
Price: Upon request

Landmark building for sale on the corner of Vasil Aprilov and Marin Drinov str.

The house is situated in the beautiful downtown area , near the private Doctor's Garden, Sofia University, Park Oborishte.

This building has a floor area as follows:


Basement: 112 m2 warehouses

First floor: 112 square meters

Second floor: 112 sq.m.

third floor: 112 square meters

Attic floor: 112 square meters


  • Advantages:

    • Exceptional location
    • aristocratic building
    • There is an approved architectural project for a new building, with an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, divided into six living floors and three underground levels of garages

  • RefID K5150
  • Doktorski pametnik, Sofia
  • House, Unfurnished
  • Area: 560 sq.m
  • Plot: 228 sq.m
  • Floor: 4 / 4
  • 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • Upon request
Senior Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
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Senior Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
About Region

The area of Doktorska Gradina (Doctor's Garden) is part of the old centre of Sofia. It is named after the monument Doktorski Pametnik situated in the beautiful park between the Oborishte and Shipka streets.


DESCRIPTION: The region itself is situated between the Vasil Levski, Evlogi Georgiev, Yanko Sakazov and Tzar Osvoboditel boulevards. The region is in the eastern part of Sofia in close proximity to all state institutions and historical monuments. Here are also most of the embassies and many residencies. In this relation security is high-level. The buildings are mostly old aristocratic houses built before WWI, as well as monolithic blocks of flats from the 70s of the last century. Several new luxury office and residential buildings have been built in the last few years.
In the area of Doktorska gradina are the National Library, the Bulgarian National Television - 1 San Stefano Str., the elite National School of Music , 5th Regional Police Department - on Marin Drinov Str., Post Office 1504, two hospitals and Primary School No. 30, which is a cultural monument.

TRANSPORT: The transport communications are excellent. One could use buses - Nos. 9, 72, 75, 213, 280, 305, 306; trolleys (trolley bus) - Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11; trams (tram) – Nos. 20, 22.


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