Sunny plot of land for sale, Ref.ID K3976

Pancharevo, Sofia,
Plot, Regulated
Price: € 149 000

Unique Estates offers you a plot of land located in an area Kokalyane with an area 1008 square meters The place is flat, sunny and picturesque.


• Excellent year-round access
• Beautiful views
• Excellent infrastructure

  • RefID K3976
  • Pancharevo, Sofia
  • Plot, Regulated
  • Area: 1008 sq.m
  • € 149 000
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Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
About Region

Pancharevo village is only 15 km away from the center of Sofia. On the one side it borders the Bistritsa village, and on the other - the Lozen Mountain. Almost the whole village is located on the south side of the main road for Samokov, which is the only road connection of the capital with Pancharevo. One of the advantages of this semi-mountainous region is the beautiful natural environment. Another strong attraction is the climate and the proximity of the Pancharevo Lake.


Pancharevo is considered one of the most attractive and eye-catching spots around Sofia. The permanent population of the village is a little over 2000. But actually the number of residents is at least 2-3 times bigger.


According to the new urban plan of Sofia, gradually Pancharevo will become a suburb of Sofia with an urbanized recreation zone and low-storey construction.


There is a very old mineral spring and a bath in the village.


There is one state primary school and one private - 'Pier de Cuberten' Professional Foreign Language Secondary School in the building of Videlina national library. This is also the location of the national sports base of the Youth and Sports State Agency.


Pancharevo village is an independent administrative unit.  


The transport connections with Pancharevo are mainly through bus lines on the Samokovsko Shosse Blvd.

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